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Associate Profiles

Roderick Jones


Artist Bio

Rod Jones was raised mostly in Florida. He developed an early interest in chinese painting which led him to a B.A. and M.A. in chinese history, including courses in far eastern art history. These activities also gained him a wife, who was doing her M.A. in Far Eastern Art History. A year in Japan provided a rich opportunity to see the best of the best in Chinese and Japanese art.

Upon graduation prospects for teaching chinese history were dim, and he concluded that his options were law school or the salvation army. After graduating from the University of Washington law school he practiced in Seattle for 26 years, retiring in 2005, a sadder and wiser man.

Randolph Jones, Rod's twin brother, who had shared many of the same experiences, persuaded him to take oil painting lessons with Ned Mueller and at the Gage Academy of Realist Art. This has led to a new passion and an entirely new life as an artist.

Under the steady instruction and mentoring of Ned Mueller, one of the truly great painters of our time, Rod has developed the craft and judgment that is the foundation of contemporary realist art and seeks with each painting to take another step toward creating something beautiful.