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Hyosoon Jung



I was born in South Korea in 1964. Painting is my joyful moment from I was small. I am the youngest child. My parents always encouraged me to do something creative and gave me a big compliment even that was not a good piece. I majored nursing but I always harbor being an artist someday.  I served for Korean Army for 6 years and resigned as captain. It was an obligatory service because I received full scholarship for 4 years college education. I obtained master’s degree in public health. I taught at college and worked for a foreign company. I got married and divorced.  Right after divorce I immigrated with my son back in 2001. I started a new life here in USA with bare foot. I worked sometimes 16 hours.  I worked sometimes 7 days a week.  I had no space to think about other things to make money for bread and butter. I obtained another master’s degree and I have been working as a family nursed practitioner for 10 years. My only child who graduated Georgia Tech in May 2014. His major is industrial design. I have started to paint since my son left me for his college to solace my empty feelings. I filled out canvas with tears to miss my son.  I filled out canvas with tears to miss my family in Korea. I filled out canvas with tears while I was recovering from bilateral mastectomy.  I helped community based free clinic to donate my arts pieces for fund raising. All of things I see, watch, feel have been brought me inspiration into painting. I focus on reflecting love and warmth in my painting.

Time passed by while I paint I throw away all regret of past.
Time passed by while I paint I throw away all anxiety about future.
Now I paint with full of joyful mind morning by morning and day by day.

May be this is the power of doing what I truly love.

-Hyosoon Jung