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Janet Wilson

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Janet Wilson



Janet was born in Washington State and currently lives in Seattle. She is an avid gardener, and this love of nature is clearly reflected in her work as an oil painter. Her interest in oil painting began 30 years ago, although she completed only a few paintings before getting caught up in her career. In early 2011, with some time available, she unpacked her easel and began painting in earnest.
Janet’s award winning work has shown in numerous northwest events as well as New York. She is the recipient of an Award of Excellence in the Chelsea 30th Annual Fine Art competition. 

Artist Statement:
I believe that, as artists, our artistic vision grows through our experiences in life. We have a vision, whether it is in planning a beautiful garden, taking a photo of a point of interest, or interpreting through what we paint. For me, a paintbrush is simply one beautiful way to express that vision.

My painting style is mostly self-taught – an ongoing journey of self-discovery, exploring and learning new techniques. Whether it is a landscape, an abstract, or something in between, I paint as I feel. I may use a photo for reference; however, it is only that. Once I am into a painting, I let it come to me and try not to force an outcome.