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Artist Salon: Juliette Aristides


Juliette Aristides, Recline
Juliette Aristides, Recline

Our Artist Salon series continues tomorrow evening with a conversation and painting demo with internationally renowned artist, author and founder of the acclaimed Aristides Atelier at Gage Academy of Art, Juliette Aristides. Join us for this rare and exciting event at Capitol Cider, located on Capital Hill. We are almost at capacity, so be sure to secure your spot by registering today on Eventbrite!

Recognized by the prestigious Art Renewal Center as a Living Master, Juliette will be demonstrating her award-winning painting technique and speaking about her recent lecture in California at TRAC (The Representational Art Conference), an international gathering that attracted over 300 artists in Ventura last month.

Learn more about the worldwide Atelier Movement in this fascinating Huffington Post interview with Juliette. Following is one of our favorite excerpts.

See you tomorrow evening for some fresh art and cider!

BK: What are your thoughts as to why well crafted representational painting is currently garnering so much attention?

JA: I think there are pragmatic reasons. For example, the boom in digital animation which could cause a resurgence of interest in traditional skills. However, I am far more interested in the philosophical ones. There are deep human needs left unfulfilled by modern life in the age of Information

Technological progress evolves quickly leaving many things in its wake. "We are living in an age of anxiety that's a reflection of the near constant change and confusion in technology and social mores." (Alex Williams New York Times Emily Posts of the Digital age).

Representational painting appeals to the eternal qualities of a human life. As more and more of life is spent on-line, painting is a celebration of the real. As John Berger wrote: "More directly than any other art, painting is an affirmation of the existent, of the physical world into which mankind has been thrown."

Beautiful paintings are a confirmation that there is no ordinary life, anywhere can be significant if you have eyes to see it. It is one of the most efficient communication tools ever invented connecting us across millennium, cultures, and genders into a quiet communion. Representational painting is an oasis for deeply human concerns, providing a source of reverie, thought, beauty and consolation. I don't believe it will ever disappear.