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New Member Welcome: Julie Baroh


Join us in welcoming new Signature Member Julie Baroh to the Puget Sound Group!

Artist Bio

Julie has worked as an illustrator, a fine artist, and a designer for nearly half a lifetime plus two. These days, she focuses her time working on private commissions as well as curating shows with Krab Jab Studio.

Julie's early works can be seen in games such as Magic: the Gathering, Legends of the Five Rings and Shadowfist.

Later works can be seen in publications such as The Art of Faery,The Gathering, and Watercolor Faeries. er illustrations harken to the Golden Age of Illustration, with strong hints of Arthur Rackham in her management of watercolor pigments.

Her more recent works have been in graphite or oils. While she still works on fantasy content (such as faeries), she has been focusing much of her painting on personal motifs, such as family. She shows regularly at her studio (Krab Jab Studio in Seattle) and will pop up on the radar at conventions (such as ECCC and Norwescon) and in shows around the Seattle area.