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Member Welcome: Valerie Collymore


Join us in welcoming newly re-instated Signature Member Valerie Collymore to the Puget Sound Group!

Artist Statement

Through works attentive to the“in-the-moment" character of a scene, to design, color and unusual light effects, and striving for a painterly impressionist style, my hope is to share the visual feast that is the magnificent creation that surrounds us and to connect with viewers through shared experiences.

Born to a physician and a nurse in a small town in New Jersey, life circumstances brought me to the French Riviera at the age of 9. Then recently widowed, my intrepid mother confidently put her two children in French grade schools, exhorting us to achieve, despite the temporary handicap of the language barrier. I flourished on those sun-drenched Mediterranean hills and beaches, collecting unique memories, rich experiences, lifelong friends and several languages.

At the age of 18, uncertain about the practicality of a career in the arts, I dove into a career in the health care field, returning to the U.S. to pursue my degrees. Art aspirations were put on hold for several decades, as I poured energies into the lives of many others. After encouragement from established members of the community of artists residing in this inspiringly beautiful part of the Northwest, and newly an empty-nester with a little bit more time to focus on my passions, I saw my chance to pursue art full time… and I went for it!