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New Member Welcome: Lance Dooley


Join us in welcoming new Signature Member Lance Dooley to the Puget Sound Group!


Lance was born 1968 to a family of traveling Americans in Thailand. His family then spent seven years in Tehran before returning to the father's hometown in Oroville, Washington and then moving to East Wenatchee, WA where he graduated from High School with the Artist of the Year award.

Lance served four years in the Unites States Army, mostly in Wurzburg Germany where he enjoyed touring the countryside and central Europe in his old beat up 1979 Mazda and learned to speak German.

After finishing military service in 1990, he attended and graduated from Wenatchee Valley College and was awarded the presidents medal.

He continued with more education at Washington State University and graduated Cum Laude from the Electrical Engineering program.

Lance then worked in Seattle for a number of years, while pursuing his artistic studies in parallel. When he bought his first house in 1999, he finally had his own art studio and began participating in regional art shows and embracing serious training in the visual arts.

The rich infusion of cultures from different countries imprinted Lance and he always dreamed of going to the best art school in the world and developing the necessary skills to visually articulate facets of the society he lived in and other wanderlust adventures and experiences yet to come. 

That dream came true when he went to The Florence Academy of Art in the renaissance city of Florence, Italy and graduated from the sculpting program directed by Robert Bodem, with principal sculpting instructor Cody Swanson.

With the mind of an engineer and the soul of an artist, Lance continues to thrive in the beautiful state of Washington.