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New Historical Video Project

Sadie Sullivan

Poster illustration by PSG Member, Henry Bonath

The Art Institute of Seattle Revolution Innovation Studio has chosen PSG for their summer session class project! There are seven talented video and still photography students in the class under Michael Ramey. 

The students were very all interested in the history of PSG, the paint outs, the auctions and stage productions, how we grew and changed with the Pacific Northwest. They are appreciative that their school is an off shoot of PSG members who taught at or were students of the Burney School. The still photographers are eager to create a series of artist portraits.

The end product will be a 4-5 minute video along with still photographs about the eighty-six year history of the group looking to the future. The first priority of the project is to interview Life Members in order to preserve their memories of the group and celebrate their life as an artist. Besides focusing on fine arts we are interested in the contributions of the members in commercial art and arts education. We will also be individually contacting Life Members to do individual interviews in their studios.

There is a private gathering on Saturday, August 23, from 1 to 5 PM. With Brom's permission we will discretely take photos and to conduct video interviews on a lower level. If you'd like to be interviewed or provides assistance with the project, contact David Spangler at 206-715-6965 or