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Immediate Call for Nominations: PSG Board of Directors


Immediate Call for Nominations: PSG Board of Directors


PSG is now accepting nominations for the following open leadership positions on the Board of Directors: President, Vice President, Community Building, Secretary and Special Advisors.

New Board Members will serve for a minimum of a one-year term starting in January of 2016. Nominations may be made by individuals (self-nominations) or on behalf of another person.

The primary Board Member expectations include:

1.    Being a PSG member in good standing / or being an interested, non-artist from the community.

2.    Serving as a liaison, committee chair or co-chair and / or assisting in the organization of an event or program.

3.    Concentrating on the PSG’s objectives and actively working to achieve them within the framework with the highest professional and ethical standards.

4.    Make a commitment to attend at least 75% of all Board meetings and member functions. The Board currently meets on a monthly basis. 

Nominations are open until Friday, December 1, 2015, after which the Nominating Committee will propose a slate to the current Board of Directors for approval. Once endorsed, this slate will go to the general membership at our December 14th Annual meeting.

Consider becoming a candidate and also please encourage a fellow PSG or enthusiastic community members and patrons to become a candidate! Our volunteers strengthen, lead and support our organization; your help is needed to ensure the continued success of PSG.

Please submit your nomination by 5 PM on Friday, December 1, 2015, using the form below.

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