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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...


Following is a recent memory from PSG Signature Member Austin Dwyer:

"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...."

Mig and I recently had the pleasure of receiving an invitation to have tea and coffee with the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins and his beautiful wife Sabina. He has a passionate political voice; a poet and writer who loves the visual arts. Michael has previously served at almost every level of public life in Ireland. When I mentioned my work on Shackleton and the Endurance, he was genuinely thrilled with the idea of having a place where he might purchase a painting. I was prepared and had already wrapped a set of signed Shackleton prints as a gift. 

We shared some humorous stories about ourselves. One of the photos shows us laughing at a story he told about himself. He is a very short man. You can tell by the photos because I am only five foot seven.

He mentioned a rugby game in Dublin where he delivered a speech before the game. The crowd chanted “would you cut the bloody grass so we can see the little fella.”

He thought that was typically Irish and roared into laughter. I was subdued as I thought it rude to express myself too boisterously.