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Community Building and Innovation at PSGNA

Sadie Sullivan

At our April Membership Meeting, we split into groups and discussed the following six questions. We received some great feedback and ideas for community building at PSGNA. Take a look at how the members who attended the meeting responded to the questions below.

Goal: Community Building and Innovation                          

1)  Mentoring is the legacy of the PSGNA. With 42 new Student and 9 Signature/Associate members, how do we reach Signature and Life members to participate in mentoring? 

List your constructive ideas on how to get this program off the ground.

  • Apprenticeships, Studio visits, phone calls, member matching, Artist Connect
  • Big picture on connecting community – outreach to kids with exposure to public art 

2)  This year we are working on a partnership to promote visual literacy in our schools.  Volunteer instructors, donations, and district to statewide artist to teacher workshops are means to participate in promoting fundamental skill based training in the arts in K-8 classrooms.  (Da Vinci Initiative flyers distributed from member Robert Kamin)                                                                               

How do you see yourself and the PSGNA involved?

  • Donate money from scholarship fund, individual involvement to train teachers and students, student after school programs, one on one student/artist exchange, website promotion and call to artists

3)  With the new member map, you can visually see your artist neighbors. What are some ideas to build community within community, (creating artist exchanges, carpool to events, meet for coffee, mentoring, etc.) within your own vicinity?                                 

List some collaborative ways to connect with each other.

  • Figure/portrait drawing sessions within community, paint-outs, community exhibitions & partnerships, informal Sunday afternoon artist hang-out to share ideas/formatted forum in Georgetown, rent out Axis Space in Pioneer Square for first Thursday Artwalk for exhibition and artist exchange to increase visibility and presence.

4)  One-on-one exchanges are the key to growth among ourselves and our community. How do we get PSGNA members to promote and recruit new members to the group?  If each of us asked 3-5 artist friends to join, our association would be self-sustainable and renewed yearly.                                                                                               

List some constructive ideas/incentives to increase participation and membership.

  • Reach out to young professionals in gaming industry, flyer to pass out at artist exchanges, recruit at artist schools, focus on business aspects of art, one-on-one phone calls are more effective than mass email, each member ask 3 new members sharing the benefits of association. It is the personal request that makes the difference.

5)  Feedback from the membership reflected the need for continuing professional development programs and workshops to expand and diversify skills, innovative brand/marketing tools, adapting to changing trends in the market place.                                                           

What types of educational programs and productive member exchanges do you wish to see for next year? Let us know what programs and services you would like to pursue.

  • Continue Mentor Studio visits, studio tours, purely social summer picnic, games, prizes, art exchanges, produce another book, cross-pollinate with other artist associations, evening meetings with educational speakers a great benefit focusing on business/development aspects of art

6)  Morris Graves once stated that the “value of collective raises the level of consciousness of art in the entire community.”

Please take time to consider what membership in the association means to you this year.

What benefits do you hope to glean from participation in the PSG?

  • Exhibitions, sales, socials, networking, community support, artistic development, mentorship, friendship with like-minded people, business contacts, pick-up useful tips, expanding our visibility and presence in the larger community to support professional artists and education, putting Seattle back on the map as a destination for the fine arts, become the Salmagundi Club of the West Coast, we need a permanent central location donated to us, be an organization for professional exchange/mentoring, cultivate new audiences and events that raise awareness.

Do you have any other feedback? Your constructive ideas are welcome and appreciated!