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WIFAS: Darren Kingsley Workshop

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WIFAS: Darren Kingsley Workshop

Darren Kingsley Workshop

Whidbey Island FAS hosting Studio Incamminati

Form Painting with the Figure

DATE: April 13 - 17, 2015
COST: $599
SKILL LEVEL: All levels

This workshop focuses on the principles essential to transform abstract flat shapes into fully dimensional form. Students will study the figure in a way which allows the translation of a 3 dimensional world into a 2 dimensional painting that conveys the fullest possible sculptural form.

Students will focus on painting the figure with a complete range of values and develop the ability to make accurate, relative value calibrations. The focus is on structure, anatomy, proportion, light direction, handling of edges, abstract movements through the figure, composition and an understanding of basic and complex forms of the figure.

These concepts are executed through an application of opaque and semi opaque paint in the light and shadow areas. Control of the paint is a priority and is essential to achieving the required goals. The class will be taught with a limited palette of colors to keep the emphasis on the development of form.

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