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Sandy Byers


Love is Love

Trusted Wings


Artist Bio

When I'm not painting, I'm thinking about painting. I love being an artist and when I was young I could hardly wait to grow up and call myself one. I enjoy every part of the process of creating and I hope that is what shows when you view my art. Art is a way for me to openly share my thoughts, emotions, knowledge, and respect for this God-given gift that brings me so many ways to discover and enjoy the world around me.

Solidifying a composition, capturing the right lighting, and finding the perfect combination of colors is the goal for which I am always passionately striving. It is difficult to explain the exhilaration when these elements come together. I suppose that explains my addiction to painting and the process of painting.

As a teen, and then again as a young adult, I took private lessons in oil painting. Along with my budding career in the software industry,  I painted (off-and-on again) as time allowed.

After many years in the software industry, I was recently able to make a transition to working full-time on developing my art career. My husband (Larry)  and I moved to our home on Whidbey Island  and we are now working full-time in the art field.

It has been an exciting change for us and we thoroughly enjoy every day.