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Truman Castle


Langley Sunshine

San Miguel Pot

La Push Surf

Artist Bio

I have been drawing and painting since childhood, but began formal study in the 1970's in watercolor, and oil painting with Ron Likas in Seattle in the 1980's and 90's. I joined the PSG in 1992, and have focused on plein aire landscapes in oil ever since. I have been influenced by the work of Sergei Bongart, Ned Jacobs, Fairfield Porter, Alfred Chadbourn, and a broad range of Russian Impressionists.

In recent years I am most interested in working in plein aire as I travel, and exploring the everyday scenes of my daily life on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound. For me growth in painting comes from the ability to see and translate my observations into a visual language. what goes on the canvas is no more than the notes I have taken of my observations. In this way, I am "painting" wherever I go, even if I have nothing with me to record the notes of what I see.

Freeland, WA.