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David Spangler


Koi Pond

A Patriot's Dream

Artist Bio

Born in Virginia and raised in the inland Pacific Northwest. He is formed from early American immigrant stock of hard working framers, craftsman and business entrepreneurs. Knowledge of their achievements and struggles has given him a passion for art, history, and architecture.

David has returned to his art activists roots as a member of the board of the Puget Sound Group, Northwest Artists, serving as the chair of the Historical Committee. .

David has been painting for over 40 years. He received a BA in Studio Arts from Gonzaga University. He studied art and theatre in London, spent time as a painter and artist on Maui. His early career was making hand drawn cartography, modeling making and architectural rendering. David moved to the Seattle area in 1985. He originally joined the Puget Sound Group at the invitation of the Boeing illustrator and Marine artist Dean Waite in 1989. He received a Master in Architecture with a specialization in Historic Preservation Planning & Urban Design from the University of Washington in 1996. He has worked as a designer and project manager for almost 20 years in commercial and residential architecture. 

Now in his own firm he works in historical research, building design, as well as illustration, rendering and fine arts. David paints primarily in oil and acrylic working in series to make a complete story of the subject.

Every house, building or painting has a story even if it is just to pause on the garden path to rest for that moment in time. Combining his love of history, architecture, art and story telling he is recreating our special places from the past in what he calls History Experience Project™. They take shape as carefully constructed virtual digital models of structures and places that no longer exist and then are rendered by hand or in the computer. David also works directly and quickly on canvas from natural sources and images. He is continuing to work on his private garden series and landscapes in oil and acrylic.