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Signature Profiles

Stephen Hu


Chasing the Wind. 2013. Oil on canvas. 16 x 20"

 Keep Your Eyes on the Red. 2013. Oil on canvas. 12 x 16"

Keep Your Eyes on the Red. 2013. Oil on canvas. 12 x 16"

Artist Bio

Born in Macau, China, Steve Hu migrated to Hawaii as a teenager in 1967. Artistic encouragement started in high school and Steve became one of the winners in a national scholastic scholarship in art. After receiving his BFA degree from the University of Hawaii, Hu continued his venture in fine art development to further his knowledge and skill in painting by taking workshops and classes with local and national renowned artists. There was a long pause of two decades of not creating any art until the artist moved to Washington State in the late 1990’s.

Since watercolor as Hu’s preferred medium, the artist studied with John Ringen in Seattle. Then in recent years he furthered his study into oil painting, focusing on maritime themes and studying at length with Austin Dwyer. In Hu’s artwork, the artist is able to combine his dedicated work ethic and skill to create art from the beauty, richness and love of nature through brush and paint. In his paintings, the viewers can share his feeling, emotion and impression through the heart warming, delicate and colorful blend of impressionistic romance and occasionally with a touch that depicts the artist’s Chinese cultural heritage.

Steve Hu’s work has become private collections of fine art collectors, business professionals and corporations in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

Currently Hu is a signature member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, American Society of Marine Artists and Evergreen Association of Fine Arts.