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Gordon Edberg


Artist Bio

From the time of my high school education, through college and my professional career as an architect, I have been fascinated by the landscape. Drawing and painting has been my focus in appreciating and responding to nature, both untouched or with man's influence on it.

I'm most interested in reflecting on what I see and experience from the landscape in paintings which enhance the mood and setting with unexpected color, elements of abstraction, calligraphy, marks and incising the surface.

I primarily paint grounded in realism with a leaning toward impressionism. I paint on canvas with a combination of oilbar and oil paint and brush or pallet knife.

Landscape images and also urbanscape and marinescape images painted in the studio are many times imagined in response to the mood and feel of actual places that I've sketched or painted "en plein air".

I refer to plein air paintings or sketches for paintings done in the studio. I don't rely on the camera. 

Places that tell a story, convey a feeling or mood are my inspirations for painting that I hope can translate those feelings to the viewer.