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Doug Sandland


Lawn Sailors

Fire Season Sunset - Lighthouse Park

Beach Fire

Artist Bio

Doug is a graduate of The Art Center School (now College) in Los Angeles. At Art Center he majored in Advertising Design & minored in Fine Art & Illustration. Previous to that, he spent three and a half years studying at The Burnley School of Art in Seattle. His professional career began at Botsford, Constantine & Gardner upon his return to Seattle. In 30 year,s his titles have ranged from Jr. Art Director to V.P. Creative Director at a number of advertising agencies including Cole & Weber in Seattle; Norman Lowe & Assoc. in Toronto; and O'Brien, McKim, & Baker Lovick agencies in Vancouver. While at Cole & Weber, Doug spent three years teaching Advanced Advertising Design part time at The Burnley School. "I love teaching and some day I'll return to it", he said at the time.

Doug has created award-winning campaigns in many categories including, financial services, packaged goods, airlines, apparel, real estate, and the hotel and travel industry. He was Sr. Art Dir./Creative Dir. on Western International Hotels for twelve years, creating advertising for its properties in Mexico, USA, Canada and the Far East. Account experience in Canada includes work on Tourism BC, Chevron (was partner with writer John MacPherson in creating the "Your Town Pump" TV spots that ran for many years), CP air, A&W, and B.C. Tel with both Mckim & Baker Lovick.

In 1990, sensing the opportune time for a freelance creative resource in that economic climate, Doug opened Doug Sandland Creative Inc. where he has developed a number of longterm clients. He also produces illustrations and storyboards for the television commercial and film industries.

In his spare time, he takes commissions for portraits and paintings.

Doug Sandland passed away on March 18, 2015.