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Signature Profiles

Paul Newman


PARIS 51, Watercolor. 2016      
14" x 11"

CONFLUENCE, Acrylic on panel. 2015      
 40" x 30"

PARIS 22, Watercolor. 2015      
11" x 8.5"

Artist Bio

With art’s display a wall becomes window for vision within and beyond viewing. The art experience serves to the imagination a stimulating flux of meanings, sensations and emotions. We interpret art to a content in ourselves. Abstract and realistic imageries are complementary, utilizing distinct but overlapping languages. 

-Paul Newman

Born in Chicago 1947, I initiated formal visual art training at the University of California, Los Angeles, and subsequently attended art classes at Santa Monica Community College and Los Angeles Otis-Parsons School of Design, as well as private sessions by instructors from Art Center School of Pasadena, California. Since first exhibiting in Seattle in 1974 I have displayed artworks throughout the United States, and internationally. I utilize varied media as means of expression in realms both naturalistic and abstract. I am also a writer of poetry, stories and drama, residing in Seattle.