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Student Membership Application

Student Membership is for individuals currently receiving professional training from institutions and/or private professional art instructors.

Students must be 18 years old or older and must show proof of enrollment in an art program or private art instruction. Student members are eligible for our annual Student Scholarships.

Once accepted, Student Members are eligible for independent study and guidance through the Mentorship Program matched according to individual needs and wishes.

With the personal recommendation of your Mentor(s) and images of your current work to show growth and mastery of medium, Students are encouraged to apply for the next level of membership when ready.

Requirements for Student Membership

  • Member must be approved through the application process
  • Member agrees to volunteer on a Vision Team
  • Required Annual Dues for Student Membership: $35 (plus $1.50 processing fee if paid through PayPal)

Thank you for your interest in joining our legacy. After you submit the form and requested documents, applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a "panel of peers" and PSG Board. Applicants will be notified after the review process is complete.

Application Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully, then fill out all fields in the form below. Applications that are received by the 15th of the month will be reviewed in the month received and voted on at the next month's board meeting. Applications received after the 15th of the month will be reviewed the following month.

The Membership Application is a three-step process. In order for your application to be processed in a timely manner, please make sure that you have thoroughly completed each step:

  1. Review the Vision Team descriptions, then fill out and submit the Artist Information online form
  2. Email 5 sized JPEGS of your work and CV/Resume to
  3. Submit payment via PayPal button

Note: By submitting the forms below, you agree to accept the terms and conditions listed above in order to be considered for Active Membership. All processing/membership fees are non-refundable if admitted. If not admitted, the membership fee will be refunded.


1. Artist Information

Name *
Address *
Phone *
Name of PSG member who is recommending you for membership:
Vision Team Registration *
Vision Teams advance the mission of our group. Please review the team descriptions above and select those which you would like to join.

2. CV / Images Submission

Email 5 JPEG images of your work (no larger than 2 MB file size) along with a DOC or PDF file of your current CV/resume to

Please make sure all image files are 72 dpi and no larger than 600px in width. If you need help re-sizing your images, use to reduce your image sizes.


3. Payment

Annual Dues for Student Membership: $35 (plus $1.50 processing fee if paid through PayPal)

Click the below button to pay the application dues, which will re-direct you to PayPal.

Application will be reviewed after full payment is received. All processing/membership fees are non-refundable if admitted. If not admitted, the membership fee will be refunded.

Thank you!

We appreciate your interest in PSG and look forward to reviewing your application.

For questions related to application status, please contact: