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Student Profiles

Amethyst Tagney

Sadie Sullivan


My artwork tends to lean towards the more bizarre than everyday. I try to take normal situations and flip them on their heads by inserting different things you would not necessarily assume would be there, such as Bigfoot getting a pedicure at a nail salon. With that being said, my pieces are lighthearted in nature and usually have a humorous underlying theme. Style wise, my art is more aligned with cartoons and is rendered in both traditional and digital formats. When it comes to my art making process, it first starts with catching one of the millions of ideas that are running around in my head. Then I will do a few sketches of that idea, pick the one that I like best, and elaborate more on it during its final composition. All my pieces start off as a pencil line drawing and will either be inked and colored with another traditional medium or scanned into my computer to be digitally executed.