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Emma Curtis

Student Profiles

Emma Curtis

Sadie Sullivan


Currently living in Seattle, I am a native to Washington. I studied at Hillsdale College, in Hillsdale Michigan, where I received my BA in Fine Art with a concentration in oil painting. After graduation, I launched into the full-time program at Georgetown Atelier where I am in my third and final year, studying drawing and oil painting in the classical realist tradition.

At this stage in my artistic career, I am working on building a solid foundation of technical skills. I view this time of intensive study in the academic tradition as an indispensable means to an end—the ability and knowledge necessary to create significant works of art. I have learned through my studies that creativity lies in the accurate portrayal of the reality of the natural world, and that it will come unsought when creating works, to the best of my ability, with this as my intent. In all my work, whether it is a short study or a fully developed piece, I try to keep this idea constantly in mind. I strive to capture as truthful a representation as I can by working out problems through careful, methodical observation. I want to be constantly ordering my life toward something greater, and I believe that creating skillfully made, meaningful, beautiful art is a way of doing so.