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Riley Doyle

Student Profiles

Riley Doyle

Sadie Sullivan

 Erika Toned Paper


There is an unnecessary and irrational adoration for concept in today’s art. Our conception of the world around us is full of empty constructs created by the mind, and even if subjectivity is escaped and progress is made toward a more universal idea, it is still temporary. If all of our reality is built from empty constructs, then there is no difference between truth and untruth.

I try to reach a state of indifference with my work in order for the viewer to generate a genuine reaction that comes from a neutral origin. I seek to embrace reality, not escape it or change it. I understand that the viewer is just as important as the artist, and so I leave my work as empty as possible so the viewer can fill it in and complete it. I claim no responsibility over the viewer’s experience of the piece, as no one can and I appreciate the freedom that gives the artist, the viewer, and the artwork.